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HomeNotification Necessary for Those Already Receiving Pension Benefits > Request for Notification Form
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Request for Notification Form

Please send a postcard, etc. with necessary information described below to the Pension Fund Association. You can also use a postcard included at the end of the "Guide for Pension Recipients" (the booklet sent to recipients of old-age pension benefits from the Pension Fund Association together with the pension certificate).

Request for Notification Form

  1. Notification form requested
  2. PFA Old-Age Pension Certificate Number
  3. Name
  4. Birth date
  5. Address
  6. Phone number
  7. The following information is necessary in case of death notification.
  • Name of the person making the notification
  • Relationship
  • Date of death

Mailing Address

Payment Section, Pension Service Center
Pension Fund Association
Shiba Post Office P.O. Box 63,
Tokyo 105-8702 Japan

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